Memory Management! When things (string, array, object) are created, memory is allocated to them in JavaScript. Unlike Low-Level Programming Language C, JavaScript does not have alloc(), malloc(), free() primitive to do a job for them. Memory is automatically freed when that is no longer useful.

This process is called Garbage…

To make a great UI or in straight forward words to retain users into your website for a long time we developers need to be interactive, when I say interactive it doesn’t mean we need to talk to each and every user who visits our website, is that even possible.

Have you ever encountered the question of what stateful components are? What stateless components are? When should I make a component stateful or stateless?

If so, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. So, let’s first try to understand what state and components are before we talk about stateful…

Redux Middleware: What struck your mind when you first heard the term ‘Middleware’? Let’s first try to understand it with the most general definition:-

Middleware offers a means for communicating with the action being dispatched before they reach the reducer.

Before understanding Redux Middleware, you should have a clear concept…


My self sasi working in Cronj Tecchnologies

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