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Memory Management! When things (string, array, object) are created, memory is allocated to them in JavaScript. Unlike Low-Level Programming Language C, JavaScript does not have alloc(), malloc(), free() primitive to do a job for them. Memory is automatically freed when that is no longer useful.

This process is called Garbage Collection. Word Automatically brings confusion to developers, that they need not worry about Memory, And this is a mistake, Sir!

In memory management, its life cycle

  1. Allocate Memory(explicit or implicit depending on a programming language for us it is implicit)

This is a general life cycle.

Allocation Of Memory in JavaScript for memory management

When values are assigned to any…

Hi All, here I am with my second blog. In my previous blog, I gave some basic ideas about debugging. So today we are going deeper into debugging and see exactly how breakpoints work.

Debugging is a very difficult task especially when working on complex projects. Browser’s in-built debugging tools have made it quite easy to debug codes.

So, let us see how we can use breakpoints in chrome.

Step1: Chrome DevTools.

We can go to the DevTools by pressing “Command+Option+I” in Mac or “Control+Shift+I” in Windows and Linux. We can see the inspect panel on the left-hand side of the browser window…

Everyone’s familiar with JavaScript the most popular programming language used as a client-side development tool in 95 percent of websites.

But what about server-side programming?

Well, with the introduction of Node.JS, JavaScript has become an all-purpose full stack development language.

While Angular, React and Vue are Front-end Frameworks / Libraries, Node is the one and only Javascript based Back-end framework.

So, let’s discuss what Node.JS is and then explore its advantages and disadvantages.

Node.JS is an open-source runtime environment for JavaScript.

It’s based on Chrome v8, an engine for chromium browsers.

Node.JS allows your programs written in JavaScript to be…


All of us are aware of the MVC architecture. This is the architecture we follow to develop any web application (We use so-called MVVM in Angular js). React is a javascript library which allows us to implement V in MVC. To complete MVC architecture we use Redux, flux, we will discuss those in other articles. In Any React application, we find components everywhere. React application considered better if we have reusable components.


According to react community they define component as,

Components let you split the UI into independent, reusable pieces, and think about each piece in isolation.

What is ReactJs Pagination ???

Who doesn’t know what is pagination but let’s start as a naive??? Imagine you are reading a book without having a page number ???, really won’t it be weird if there is no concept of paging. So if your friend asks you how many pages did you finish what will you answer?? Or let’ us take the even worse case, suppose somehow there is an incident happened. And there you lost some pages from your book. And the book had really important information. Then you have no idea which pages or which information even you lost !!! …

Now let us see How this Javascript got closure concept?

Brenden Eich the designer of Javascript actually wanted to use Scheme Programming language in the browser as he loved the concepts used by this language and one of them was Closure.

Netscape did not want to use Scheme in the browser.

Netscape advised Brenden to design a language that somewhat looks like Java and has concepts of Scheme.

Then an amazing Multi-paradigm, object-oriented (prototype-based), imperative, functional, event-driven programming language called JAVASCRIPT took birth.

Closure Definition :

Closure is a function which remembers the variables around it even that function is…

To make a great UI or in straight forward words to retain users into your website for a long time we developers need to be interactive, when I say interactive it doesn’t mean we need to talk to each and every user who visits our website, is that even possible.

But actually what I mean here is that we should know how to engage our customers in our websites. A very good way to interact with the user in a passive way is through animation, GIF and brief videos about your purpose.

There are enormous methods to implement animations in…

We can think of React component lifecycle methods as the sequence of activities that occur from the birth of a component of React to its death.

Three phases of React component lifecycle-

  1. Mounting

Now let’s discuss each phase of the React Component Lifecycle methods.


Mounting of components is like introducing a newborn child to the world. This is the initial phase of component and component is mounted on DOM (Document Object Model) and rendered for the first time.

Mounting Lifecycle Methods:

Have you ever encountered the question of what stateful components are? What stateless components are? When should I make a component stateful or stateless?

If so, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. So, let’s first try to understand what state and components are before we talk about stateful vs. stateless?


A State is an object inside the constructor method of a class which is a must in the stateful components. It is used for internal communication inside a component. It allows you to create components that are interactive and reusable. …

Redux Middleware: What struck your mind when you first heard the term ‘Middleware’? Let’s first try to understand it with the most general definition:-

Middleware offers a means for communicating with the action being dispatched before they reach the reducer.

Before understanding Redux Middleware, you should have a clear concept of redux. So let’s have a brief introduction about redux.


Redux is an open-source JavaScript library for front-end development. It’s an application data flow architecture. It is used with React to solve the ‘state transfer problem.’ It maintains a single immutable store tree to keep the state of the whole…


My self sasi working in Cronj Tecchnologies

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